What is

Autism is a complex lifelong developmental disability which can cause differences in communication, interacting with others and experiences in everyday situations.

Although incredibly variable, a person on the autism spectrum may demonstrate:   

• Strength in areas such as attention to detail, patience, technology skills, logic skills or they could have greater memory for particular information.
• Strong passion for interests, and intense focus on particular objects and topics.
• Challenges with back and forth conversations, and knowing when and how to join conversations.
• Challenges with developing, maintaining and understanding relationships with other people.
• Challenges with using and understanding non-verbal communication such as gestures and eye contact.
• Challenges coping with change and unexpected events.
• Repetitive behaviours.
• Challenges tolerating certain sensations or fascinations with certain sensations such as sounds, textures and smells.

No two people on the spectrum are the same – each person has their own way of seeing the world, which makes them interesting and unique.

The cause of autism is not fully understood, however, structured early intervention, therapy and education delivered by professionals with expertise in autism can make a significant difference.

By fundraising for Autism Queensland, you will be helping to provide much-needed facilities and resources that help us enable more people on the spectrum to live a life of participation, opportunity and choice. 

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