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Spectrum Estate Agents will be going blue for autism!

We all have challenges in our lives, but for people on the autism spectrum these challenges are often with things we take for granted like communicating, making friends, or knowing how to behave appropriately. They are many and varied, and different for each person.

No two people on the spectrum are the same – each person has their own way of seeing the world, which makes them interesting and unique.

Please donate to my page and join me in raising awareness and money for Autism Queensland to help them continue their work in supporting people on the spectrum to live a life of participation, opportunity and choice.

In the lead up for our permanent partnership in supporting Autism Queensland ongoingly, Spectrum Estate Agents will be going blue in April for this wonderful initiative.  

Let’s Go Blue for Autism! #GBFA

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Wyatt's Story

Thursday 11th Mar
My name is Jess and I am one of the faces of the Spectrum Estate Agents team. I am not new to the wonderful services and support offered by Autism Queensland.  Wyatt, my youngest son, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in April 2019, at just 4 years old. 

Both of my children went through the "terrible 3's" so when Wyatt started throwing out-of-control tantrums, I put it down to a personality trait rather than anything to be concerned about. His older brother would "head bang" and hold his breath through tantrums when he was a toddler so when Wyatt started demonstrating the same behaviour, I put this down as normal-for-him behaviour and spent my time managing his meltdowns in my own way. It was only when I spent the better part of 2018 in and out of hospital treating bowel obstructions with Wyatt - through huge difficulty trying to get him toilet trained - that I decided to head over to the paediatrician. I assumed there was a gastro-intestinal problem rather than anything else - and was wrong. Little did I know that "holding on" instead of going to the toilet was a common red flag when assessing young children who may be on the spectrum. That was a huge shock! 

Through the emotional rollercoaster of receiving Wyatt's diagnosis, I can happily say that it's the best thing that has ever happened! I no longer feel that his challenges are a result of "bad parenting" or my lack of ability to manage my own child.  Being told Wyatt was on the spectrum was overwhelming at first however, through the assistance of groups such as Autism Australia and Autism Queensland I was able to educate myself (it's the unknown that is scary!) and find resources to assist in Wyatt's development and my management of his diagnosis. I am privileged to have such a beautiful, happy, healthy boy and am very happy to support this wonderful cause! 

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